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1-1 Study

1-1 Study


Join any of our four friendly rabbis 
for a special study session, at the Lubavitch Educational Center or your home or office. Explore new avenues in Judaism! Chabad offers One to One study groups on any subject in Judaism. The topics are only limited by your imagination - the sky is the limit!

You can:
Challenge the Rabbi, Study the Talmud,
Learn Hebrew, Delve into the Kabbalah,
Discuss Jewish topics
... or anything else that you want!
Call Rabbi Shlomo Cohen to discuss the topic you would like to study and to set up an appointment. For men or women. We can also set up a session with one of our knowledgable Rebbetzins.

Call 704-366-3984 or  for an appointment.

New Torah Studies Weekly Parsha Class! Every Monday evening. Click Here for more information.
Upcoming events
Dec. 13, 2017
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Dec. 14, 2017
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