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About Us


~ Rabbi Groner
~ Rabbi Cohen
~ Rabbi Gordon
~ Rabbi Weiss
~ Rabbi Vorst
~Barry Klemons
~Brad Rabinowitz
~ David Cantor
~ Phillip Stark
~ Nadine Oudmayer
~ Fred Shporer
~ Eric Lerner
~Penny Lipsitz
~Ellen Engelhardt
Click Here for a history and pictures of Lubavitch activities in the Carolinas from 1980 until today
At one thousand dollars for a day you will acquire a partnership in one of the most dynamic and phenomenal institutions in North Carolina. You become associated with every exciting facet of Jewish life.

Is what you think about Chabad MYTH or FACT?

You may be surprised. Take a few minutes to read through this page and you'll have a better understanding of what Chabad is all about.
Chabad-Lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. It is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today.
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The Shul

Chabad's Welcoming Synagogue

Jewish Preschool on Sardis

A five star Preschool

The Mikvah

Purifying Waters

Talmud Torah

A Hebrew School that's fun!

Women's Club

The Rosh Chodesh Society


The Power of Youth

Tip Top Garage Doors