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This is a special time in your daughter's life, and the BMC is here to help her make the most of it.
The world's natural bodies of water-its oceans, rivers, wells, and springfed lakes-are mikvahs in their most primal form. Click on the icon for our own mikvah location & Information
The Book of Tanya is the basic and fundamental guide to Chassidic philosophy. It captures the deepest most abstract and profound mystical concepts of Torah and translates them into a tangible, comprehensive and inspirational approach to serving the Al-mighty.
For Ladies
Looking for a daily dose of inspiration and meaning in life? This class does just that! Through studying the prolific teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the weekly Torah reading comes to life in a topical and relevant manner.
What it means to be a Jewish woman: Inspiration, women's mitzvahs, tips, relationships, women's health, advice, spirituality and life.
The Bat Mitzvah Club is “for girls, run by girls, and starring girls.” The club enables girls to explore what it means to be a Jewish woman, examine their heritage, meet other Jewish girls their own age, and have lots of fun too!
The Shul

Chabad's Welcoming Synagogue

Jewish Preschool on Sardis

A five star Preschool

The Mikvah

Purifying Waters

Talmud Torah

A Hebrew School that's fun!

Women's Club

The Rosh Chodesh Society


The Power of Youth

Tip Top Garage Doors