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Jewish Book Fair Titles still available

Jewish Book Fair Titles still available

Friday, 8 December, 2017 - 3:28 pm


Here are some of the selections left as of Friday, Dec. 8. Contact us at 704-366-3984 or to purchase:

Pirkei Avot
This volume gives the reader a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of Pirkei Avot. Includes: Rashi, Rambam, Bartenura, Maharal and hundreds of other commentaries. Insights from the Chasidic Masters, Biographies of the Tannaim, Stories and Parables.

The award winning layout of the Kol Menachem Haggadah is pleasing to the eye, artistically beautiful, and clear, and it contains explanatory notes which are helpful to the beginner Seder leader as well as to the most educated veteran.  "If there is a Haggadah for Everyone, this is it." 

Spice and Spirit of Jewish Cooking Keeping kosher and celebrating the Jewish holidays receive an added, joyful dimension, with practical guidelines interwoven with spiritual insights into many aspects of Jewish life and observance. Recipes range from traditional favorites such as blintzes and chicken soup to Szechuan chicken, aduki-squash soup and many other international, gourmet and natural specialties. All in a clear, easy-to-use format with helpful symbols and numerous charts and illustrations. This cookbook is a staple in most Jewish homes!

Kosher By Design Brings it Home - Susie Fishbein presents fresh new recipes culled from her 15-year culinary journey.  Seasoned with entertaining anecdotes and finely spiced recipes such as: Coconut Lime Pargiyot Skewers, Tuna Ceviche Tostados, Moroccan Harira Soup, Herbed Halibut & White Beans, Mujadara, Korean Short Ribs, and Tuscan Square Roast.

Silver Platter Kosher CookbookDaniella Silver, an exciting new personality in the world of Jewish cooking, combines an amazing sense of style and presentation with an understanding of what makes food wholesome and nutritious and of what families want to eat. Featuring more than 160 recipes that allow us to explore new dishes, tastes, and presentations, all while keeping our families happy with great-tasting and wholesome food. 

Kehot Chumash - personal paperback  version of our most popular Chumash at Ohr HaTorah

Mezuzot - Kosher scroll in Clear Acrylic case

The Mystery of KaddishAn in-depth and Kabbalistic exploration into the Mourner's Kaddish Prayer. Throughout Jewish history, there have been many rites and rituals associated with loss and mourning, yet none have prevailed quite like the Mourner's Kaddish Prayer - which has become the definitive ritual of mourning. The Mystery of Kaddish explores the source of this prayer and deconstructs the meaning to better understand the grieving process and how the Kaddish prayer supports and uplifts the bereaved through their own personal journey to healing.

All About Us - Children's book 

The Shabbat Primer - a practical guide to beginning Shabbat observance

ArtScroll Tanach - Hardcover - Hebrew English 

Tehillim by Kehot - Hardcover - Hebrew/English  



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