As of 2019 our Building Fund was able to raise approximately 4.6 million dollars!  In the next couple of years following, we continued to raise more than 1.5 million dollars which was necessary for our massive building project. 

We are beyond thankful for all our major contributing partner's and everyone who comitted to making regular building pledge payments.  Their generosity is what  made the incredible growth of our campus building possible.    

Today our  modern building has been a hub of activity for the Jewish community, hosting programs and events year round that also include being able rent our facilities to large groups for their special occasions.  Also, Kosher Charlotte has become a much sought after destination for travelers and locals to grab a bite or gather around a Kosher meal.  

As there continues to be an influx of individuals and families moving to the Charlotte region and non-stop interest and inquiries from those who are considering a move here, Chabad of Charlotte has been a magnet for those looking to find their Orthodox home community and also for those who are seeking to learn more about their Jewish heritage while feeling welcomed within our Orthodox community. 

As everyone knows, in order to keep up the growing needs of building maintenance and of course the ongoing monthly mortgage payments, we must continue our search for building revenue from supporters such as yourself. 

We want to pay special recognition to those who are major contributors by displaying donor plaques on our Atrium lobby.  The levels of giving below represent contribution amounts that can receive, if wanted, an ornate wood grain style plaque engraved with your name in gold lettering.

$10,000- Benefactor

$25,000 - Builder    

$50,000 - Partner    

$100,000 - Pillar

$250,000 - Pioneer   

$500,000 Founder   

$1,000,000 - Visionary

If you've been in our Atrium lobby, you've seen this incredible display.  Your generosity in support of this amazing facility, will benefit and create lasting memories for thousands in the years to come.  Any new or increased pledge can be paid over several years in order to allow a more substantial gift.

Please contact Rabbi Shlomo Cohen or Rabbi Yossi Groner to discuss your gift, or click here to give online right now.

You may call us at 704-366-3984 for more information. Checks should be made to: Chabad of Charlotte, and mailed to 6619 Sardis Road, Charlotte, NC 28270. 

donor wall image.JPG