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Schedule for Week of 5/31/2020

Please tune into for updated classes with live broadcasts and Zoom links.  

Classes for Children, Youth & Teens:

CKids (K-5) 10:00AM (Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays) 
CKids Extreme (6th Grade) 3:00PM (Tuesdays and Thursdays) 
CTeen Jr. (7-8th Grades) 3:30PM (Tuesdays and Thursdays) 
CTeen Sr. (9-12th Grades 2:30PM (Mondays)
Here's a list of upcoming Friendship Circle Virtual Activities 

Email us here to be added to join any of the above groups.  

Daily Classes: 

  • Sundays - Thursdays 4:00PM and Friday at 1:00PM:  Daf Yomi Talmud Class with Rabbi Cohen (Zoom Link - Password: 808213)

Sunday, 5/24

Monday,  6/01

  • 11:00AM: Jewish View on End of Days with Rochel Groner (Facebook Live)
  • 3:00PM: Points of Light with Rabbi Groner (Facebook Live
  • 7:30PM Tanya Class with Channie Weiss (Zoom Link

 Tuesday, 6/02

  • 10:00AM: Pirkei Avot -Ethics of our Fathers with Rabbi Weiss (Zoom Link
  • 7:30PM: Cultivating Character (Pirkei Avot) with Rabbi Groner (Sign up here)

 Wednesday 6/03

  • 11:00AM: Judaism at Home with Rabbi Cohen (Sign up Here)
  • 1:00PM: Tanya with Rabbi Gordon (Zoom Link)
  • 6:30PM: Torah Studies (Shavuot Class) with Bentzion Groner (Zoom Link Textbook
  • 7:30PM: Lesser-known Mystical Jewish Holidays with Rabbi Groner (Sign up here

 Thursday 6/04

  •  7:00PM: Torah Studies (Parsha Class) with Bentzion Groner (Zoom Link Textbook

Saturday 6/06