Don't Just Celebrate a Bat Mitzvah...BECOME ONE!



Girls are in charge! The Bat Mitzvah Club is "for girls, run by girls and starring girls," because girls run the meetings, prepare programs and arrange activities.


The Bat Mitzvah Club shows girls why a Bat Mitzvah
is more than a party; it's a life changing experience.
Learn what it means to be a Bat Mitzvah in a new milenium. Get to know your Jewish self through art, creative writing and community outreach.    
Give  yourself a Bat Mitzvah gift and join the club. You will receive self-confidence, Jewish pride and lasting friendships.


If you are a girl between 10-13 years old and want to learn more about Judaism, meet other Jewish girls your age and have loads of fun, then
call Channie Weiss at 704-362-5710 to join!