Women's Mikvah Information: Mikvah Mei Leah Now Open!
To make an appointment for the mikvah please call, text or WhatsApp  Yiska Cohen at 980-213-7194. Please give at least 24 - 48 hours notice if possible.

The standard Mikvah fee is $18. 
For appointments after 11:00 pm, the fee will be $50. 

We hope you will enjoy our beautiful Spa-like Mikvah Facility, completed in 2016! See below for Mikvah address, directions, and detailed picture instructions on how to find the Mikvah entrance on our large property.

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Inside Mikvah Mei Leah

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mikvah pool.jpg

mikvah stairs.jpg



prep room ada.jpg

lobby sink.jpg

Mikvah Mel Leah is located at 6619 Sardis Road, Charlotte, NC 28270.
Our property is large, so please view the pictures below to acquaint yourself with the approach to the Mikvah entrance before arriving for the first time.
Click Here for Maps & Directions to our location.

Look for our sign visible from the street in front of our property:


Once you enter the driveway from Sardis Road, immediately turn left towards the small parking lot on the left side of the building.
After parking, follow the red brick path to the mikvah building.
Mikvah Walkway

When you approach the Mikvah Building, follow the sidewalk towards the left side of the building. Please note: The first door visible on the right is the dish mikvah entrance, not Mikvah Mei Leah.
Mikvah Building

Then proceed through the gate to the Mikvah Mei Leah entrance.

Gate to Mikvah Mei Leah entrance

After going through the gate,
ring the doorbell to the right of the door.
Mikvah Mei Leah Entrance


What is a Mikvah? What is special about the water in a Mikvah? And other interesting Mikvah facts.

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