CKids Hebrew School

An innovative Hebrew School program from Kindergarten through 7th grade.
Join every Sunday in person or on Zoom. 


Jewish Schools in Charlotte

For kids ages 6 weeks- 5 years, please visit the Jewish Preschool on Sardis

Kindergarten - 5th grade, please visit Charlotte Jewish Day School 


Friendship Circle of Charlotte

Friendship Circle is an organization with a unique approach to supporting children with special needs. Though their peers may enjoy regular play-dates, children with special needs often experience loneliness and isolation because of a lack of appropriate social opportunities. Our innovative programming is designed to fill this void by fostering enduring and meaningful friendships between those with special needs, our “Special Friends”, and typically-developing teens, our “Teen Friends”, in the Greater Charlotte community.

To find out more, please visit Friendship Circle of Charlotte

Bat Mitzvah Club

A joint project of Chabad of Charlotte and The Ballantyne Jewish Center, BMC promotes friendship, self confidence, Jewish pride, and teaches meaningful lessons to help the girls of today become the Jewish women of tomorrow. 

More information can be found on the Jewish Ballantyne website 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

Rabbi Binyomin Weiss, who has been an accomplished Baal-Tefilah and Torah reader at Ohr HaTorah for many years, leads the Bar Mitzvah Training program at Congregation Ohr HaTorah. He specializes in teaching the melodies of the prayers, leading the services, and teaching the Torah-reading skills. He will meet the pre-Bar Mitzvah boy, and parents, to set up a tailored program that will meet the skill level, needs, and desires of the family. He will give guidance on the ordering of Kosher Tefillin and Talit and all needs in preparation of the Bar-Mitzvah and beyond.

Bat Mitzvah training is also a priority at Congregation Ohr HaTorah. We will provide the guidance in teaching the prospective Bat Mitzvah girl the skills and ritual training she needs to becoming a knowledgeable young Jewish woman. We will help tailor-design a Bat Mitzvah celebration that will make the whole family proud, including a candle lighting ceremony, Dvar Torah, and everything befitting a young Jewish woman who reaches the age of responsibility in Judaism.

To make an appointment for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring, please email Rabbi Cohen or call 704-366-3984.