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Calling all 6th graders (that's you, CJDS grads!):  Don't stay stuck at home and limited to a screen...  Join us every Thursday after school for a weekly  opportunity to experience hands-on Judaism in a fun, friendly, and safe environment. Come discover the deeper meanings of Judaism through Art, Cooking, Science, and other creative opportunities.

All programs will be in-person and physically distant following the NCDHHS guidelines. 

Cost: $275 for the year.

Bringing Judaism To Life                                                          We are excited to present JUDAH Extreme, an exciting new after-school adventure geared towards students in the 6th grade, offering a fun and safe way to participate in physically distanced but in-person programs.

 JUDAH will be taking place every Thursday from 6:00 - 7:00 at the Epstein Chabad Center for Jewish Life. 

All programs will be led by Shaina Druin and Tonya Tessler. 

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