For thousands of years, the prophecies of a “messianic age”
stretched the imaginations of even the most fervent believers.

Not anymore.

Instant media, mass social movements and a global pandemic have shown us 
how suddenly and radically the world can be rewired by the actions of a few.

Why not for the good?

Join us to demystify the Jewish idea of a perfect world 
and discover a practical path for reaching it in our lifetime.

Classes are virtual on zoom plus a limited group in person at the
Epstein Family Chabad Center for Jewish Life

Course is offered on Tuesday evenings starting April 27 730-9pm 
or Wednesday mornings starting April 28, 11am- 1230pm

Please note 2 exceptions in schedule:
Daytime class week of May 10 will be on Monday, May 10, instead of Wednesday that week. Also evening class on week of Shavuot holiday will be Wednesday, May 19
instead of Tuesday.

6 lessons - $99 per person/$180 per couple includes textbook. 

Course is generously dedicated by Ken Orenbach and the Forb Family- we thank them for their co-sponsorship! 

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