Fred Shporer OBM

About Fred Shporer  OBM

Fred was known for his exceptional kindness and friendliness. He was a "one-man welcoming committee" who had a unique way of making people feel important and welcome. Fred always put others before himself and relished the opportunity to do a favor for a friend or stranger alike. When asked how he was doing, his response was always, "Better, now that I've seen you.” While it may sound cliché, Fred actually meant it!

Fred was a true networker. He used his gifts of genuine interest and compassion to connect those in a position to help with others who needed assistance. Yet, he himself often carried the bulk of the work routinely asking, "What do you need help with? Is that something I can help you with?" And help he did! Whether at Ohr HaTorah, The Butterfly Project, JFS, ZABS Place, Yom G'milut Chassadim... He was there front and center.

Fred is missed by all who knew him; for his listening ear, his welcoming smile, his compassion and volunteerism, his friendly advice, his shining example - really for all those things and more!

The Fred Shporer Volunteer Club is our way of continuing Fred's legacy of kindness and compassion.

The FSVC will offer adults in our community a chance to volunteer in any of the following ways:

  • Bringing care packages to those in need
  • Visiting individuals in the hospital
  • Offering rides to community members without transportation
  • Making phone calls to those who live alone
  • Delivering Shabbat and Holiday packages