Begin the new year in a spirit of togetherness, by joining our inspirational community Rosh Hashana dinner!

Sunday, September 25th at 8 PM (following the evening service), at 6619 Sardis Road.  

Remarks, stories and blessings on all traditional holiday foods will be led by Rabbi Yossi Groner, delicious catering by Kosher Charlotte.

Register by Sunday 9/18,  $36 per person, $118 for a family of 4, scroll down to sign up! 


RH dinner flyer

Full Dinner Menu:
Gefilte Fish - Garden Salad - French Onion and Apple Braised Brisket- Green Bean and Roasted Tomato
- Mashed Sweet Potato - Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies and Toasted Meringue 

For the Second night of Rosh Hashana, or if someone is unable to make it to our community dinner, Kosher Charlotte is offering a Rosh Hashana dinner take-out box, Click to learn more