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  • Dear Friends,

    This Shabbat - 14 Tammuz, 5784 • July 20, 2024 we read the portion of Balak. This portion describes the great prophecies and blessings for the People Israel. Although the intent of Balak was to have Balaam curse the Jews, G-d allowed only blessings to emerge from his mouth. Indeed, the greatest virtues of our people are written in this week's portion.

    This Shabbat is the Shabbat that connects the happy days of 12-13 Tammuz, days of liberation, with the sad events that we commemorate on this coming Tuesday, the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz. The 17th of Tammuz, ushers in the 3 weeks, when we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temples in Jerusalem. These 3 weeks are days of reflection on the State of the Jewish condition in time of exile. This reflection is especially important this year as we are traumatized by the events of October 7th. We pray for the victory of Israel and the peace that will settle on the Land of Israel.

    This Shabbat we will be celebrating together after service with a delicious Kiddush, sponsored by the Community Kiddush Fund, which is made possible by the generosity of our donors. This Kiddush is in honor of 12-13 Tammuz, the days of liberation of the previous Rebbe from Soviet prison, which brought hope and confidence to the large Jewish community behind the Iron Curtain.

    MINCHA IS AT 7:00 PM

  • Friday - 13 Tammuz • July 19:

    • Morning Service - 6:30 am.
    • Candle Lighting - 8:17 pm.
    • Mincha - 7:00 pm.

      Shabbat - 14 Tammuz - July 20:

    • Shabbat Morning Class - 9:00 am
    • Shabbat Morning Services - 10:00 am.
    • Shabbat Kiddush Luncheon after Morning Services.
    • Mincha is at 7:45 pm.
    • Maariv is at 9:18 pm.

    Sunday Morning Service - 8:30 am.

    Daily Morning Service M-F - 6:30 am.

    Mincha this Week - 7:30 pm. 

    This Thursday and Friday are joyous days as we reflect on the challenges the Jewish world faced one hundred years ago. The situation for the Jewish people in the Soviet Union was precarious and dangerous. One man stood up to the evil regime to fight for the preservation of Judaism. That was the previous Rebbe, Rabbi Yossef Yitzchack Schneerson. The Soviets tried to snuff his light out, yet G-d had different plans. On the 12th of Tammuz, 1927, they were forced to release him and restore his freedom. This miraculous event sent a charge through the global Jewish world and is celebrated with joy. The Rebbe saw this miracle as a liberation for all of Judaism.

    Shabbat Shalom 

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