During the weekdays, we encourage travelers to take advantage of the many fine hotels in the Charlotte area. For those who are with us during Shabbat visits, we are happy to make efforts to provide home hospitality including meals through our community families. Please fill out the hospitality request form at least two weeks in advance, or as early as possible. Hachnosos Orchim, welcoming guests, is a Mitzvah that we cherish and look forward to giving you a warm welcome. To help defray the time and effort that it takes for our staff to contact community members, contact your references and make all arrangements for your shabbos stay in Charlotte, we charge a $25 fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Even if you make your own arrangements for hospitality, please do let us know you plan to come to our synagogue by clicking here. 

To pay the fee and the option of a donation, please click here. Once you have completed your payment, please click here and fill in the hospitality request form completely. Within a reasonable time frame, we will reply with some options for hospitality. For more information, please contact us at 704-366-3984.

If you have an urgent need, are stranded at the airport, etc, you may send a text or call 704-307-5177.

FYI: Kosher Catered Meals available at  
You can have dinner delivered to Mincha minyan without delivery fee by using Coupon Code: Mincha