Dedicate a day in honor of someone special in your life


We now present you with an opportunity to become a partner with us in transforming an ordinary day into an extraordinary one by sponsoring a day at Lubavitch of North Carolina.

You can take any day of the calendar year and designate it as a Jewish miracle day, a special day that that will be exclusivelyJLI OHT.jpgyours, for on this day all of the wonderful achievements at Lubavitch of North Carolina and the blessings of the day become part of your day. You can choose a birthday or anniversary to honor someone special in your life, or dedicate a day of Yahrtzeit in memory of a loved one.

A beautifully designed calendar will list your day or days that you have chosen. You will also receive a commemorative plaque with the date and its significance as a keepsake for your worthwhile support.

Think about the magnitude of the day as it incorporates all the educational programs that have so enriched the lives of thejpos.jpg logosmall.jpgchildren and adults of Lubavitch of North Carolina. From our highly acclaimed excellent early childhood education to our thought- provoking adult education at the Jewish Learning Institute; from daily inspiration at Ohr HaTorah to individual counseling by one our rabbis; from the children at the Jewish Preschool on Sardis who benefit daily from our building to the Bat Mitzvah Club, Women of Worth and Friendship Circle—all this and much more become part of your exclusive sponsored day.

At one tPreschool_logo_color3.jpghousand dollars for a day you will acquire a parFriendship Circletnership in one of the most dynamic and phenomenal institutions in North Carolina. You become associated with every exciting facet of Jewish life.

 Our Programs:

Cong. Ohr HaTorah, The Jewish Preschool on Sardis, The Charlotte Jewish Learning Institute, Women of Worth (WOW)Talmud Torah Hebrew School, The Friendship Circle, Holiday Events, Bar Mitzvah Prep, Bat Mitzvah Club, Junior Congregation, Kiddie Kiddush, Weekly Torah Classes, Shabbatons, Teen Clubs, One on One StudyCommunity Mikvah, Periodic Lecture Series, Israel Solidarity Trips.


Your day will be listed in our annual calendar as well as on our online calendar