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Hebrew Course for Adults Thursdays!

Ohr HaTorah to Offer Two Year Hebrew Course

Congregation Ohr HaTorah will begin offering this fall a two-year beginning and intermediate course in Hebrew for adults. The instructor will be Dr. Jeffrey Poelvoorde, a professor of Political Science at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, who has been a member of Ohr HaTorah since 2001. Dr. Poelvoorde has taught Hebrew at every level, from grade-school to university level and has tutored over fifty-one Bar and Bat Mitzvah students.   The course will be aimed at two kinds of students: those who wish to improve their grammatical foundations and reading ability in Hebrew for the purpose of increasing their grasp of the Torah, Siddur and classical sources of the Jewish Tradition, and those who wish to improve their speaking ability in conversation Modern Israeli Hebrew.

            The course will be taught on Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at Congregation Ohr HaTorah, 6619 Sardis Rd., beginning on Thursday, October 29. Special features of the course are audio materials for conversational practice and for practice learning the proper pronunciation and grammar of almost all the major prayers in the traditional Siddur. The main textbook will be “HaYesod,” by Uveeler/Bronznick, 8th Edition, published by Feldheim Publishers. Tuition is $175 per year or $36 per month. To pay online, click here. For more information, please contact Rabbi Cohen at Ohr HaTorah, 704-366-3984, or email [email protected].

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