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Statement from Congregation Ohr HaTorah and Chabad of Charlotte:

Saturday, 27 October, 2018 - 10:33 pm

We are heartbroken and pained by the horrific attack that took place this morning in Pittsburgh. This is an attack on all of us and we grieve with the families who have lost loved ones and pray for the recovery of those injured.

We live in a time when Jews experience terror attacks in Israel and in Europe just for being Jewish. Each time it happens it sends shock waves through our community. This time, it hit much closer to home and makes the tragedy all the more shocking and frightening.

In a time like this, we strengthen our commitment to our Jewish community and resolve to be better and kinder to each other.

When the Chabad community suffered a horrific terror attack at the Vocational school in Kfar Chabad, where 5 students and their teacher were murdered by a terrorist while reciting afternoon prayers, the entire community went into deep shock and mourning. The Rebbe telegraphed the community: “To build will be their consolation”. Counter terror with love, destruction with construction.

Our groundbreaking ceremony tomorrow will be dedicated to the victims of today’s attack. The attacker wished to destroy a community and we are gathering to build a community.

May G-d comfort the Jewish community of Pittsburgh and may we see peaceful days ahead.

Comments on: Statement from Congregation Ohr HaTorah and Chabad of Charlotte:

Russ Young wrote...

As a Christian and neighbor I am so sorry that this horrific act of violence and hate was perpetrated on the Pittsburg Synagogue and the Jewish Community and people. This is the act of a sick and hate filled person and is condemned by everyone who believes in loving others regardless of their faith. May the love of God be with all the Jewish people who are suffering today because of this heinous act. God Bless You All