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Photo Gallery from Chanukah at Southpark!

Wednesday, 21 December, 2011 - 4:21 pm

Click here for some of the pictures from last night's amazing Chanukah celebration at SouthPark Mall!

Comments on: Photo Gallery from Chanukah at Southpark!

Shun wrote...

The next stage of human evolution will be the tatosformrainn of our consciousness to the level of compassion for an other "Well that isn't how evolution works. But that kind of optimizes the problem with lerner and his idealistic notions, they go back to the time of the blank slate, when human perfectability was seen as possible, and human nature was completely ignored, which led to communes and communism where the assumptions were found wanting. Lerners problem is false equivalence. You can't go on michael krasny and claim that the jews and the palestinians/muslims are equivalent to say the germans and french. He claimed that since the french and germans killed each other in large numbers the jews and the palestinians should have no problem coming to peace. That is a total misunderstanding of the situation. Americans for instance don't hold hate in their heart for all the americans killed by japanese or germans, the nature of those wars was different. If there was an equivalent of mein kampf and extermination camps for americans and a deep seeded hatred/conspiracy theory blame culture and all the rest of the vile hatred against the americans in this mix then it would be the same. That is the problem with lerner, he has to exclude the inconvenient details so he can draw the false equivalence in order to come up with his simple solution of just love your enemy. It becomes a huge problem when you've not actually listened to what your enemy has really been saying, say like in 1930 germany, or all around the arab/muslim world today.

Jeannette wrote...

Have yet to read your book but have always ardimed the political opinions expressed in Tikkun. But the fear that Israelis (and their right-wing supporters) have of losing control of the demographics in the Jewish state derives from the fear that eventually Jews will again become a minority in their own land. This is not an irrational fear and underlies their insistence on erecting border fences and maintaining a stratified society with Arabs at the bottom. Most Israelis are willing to live alongside Arabs, Christians, Druids, etc. so long as the Jews maintain a position of dominance and privilege. This works against free democratic principles, but what can be done about it?

Prince wrote...

i love this idea and was thinking along the same lines i alerady have book night and music night on the list. i think we should also have dinner night where we actually make a traditional holiday meal (a gift within itself). love tzedakah night and think it could be really fun to involve EBN later on. maybe diapers fall into essentials night ie it is essential that ABN buys me a pair of motorcycle boots?!