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Inspiring Jewish pride and identity in Jewish children - the future of Judaism.

Why CKids?
We want your children to wake up excited each Sunday morning to attend the CKids program. We want them to enjoy their Judaism and Jewish heritage. Most importantly, we want them to be proud of who they are as Jews.
Our aim is to nurture and build the foundation of your child(ren)'s Jewish identity. Our dedicated teachers inspire a love for Judaism within each child with engaging lessons and fun activities.
CKids Grow
CKids GROW for Rising Kindergartners to 5th Graders!
Learning is great but experiencing is even better! At CKids, we take your kids through a time machine to learn about Jewish Heritage, Traditions and so much more! We don't do lessons, we do adventures! 

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Here's How We Help Your Child Grow:
  • Using favorite activities to simulate real-life challenges
  • Encouraging children to explore their peers’ perspectives and discover fresh solutions
  • Fusing the most innovative child development research with the timeless wisdom of Torah
  • Pride in the Jewish tradition of compassion and, integrity
CKids Extreme

Navigating Our Way Through Life 

For students in 6th Grade.

Each month, we'll tackle a new challenge. But rather than seeing it as an obstacle, we'll approach it like a game! In each lesson we will speak about the players and the pieces and how to navigate our way through life like a champ!

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