Rosh Chodesh Book Club
Don't be scared off by the name, we're the most laid back book club and we're very down to earth. No book club experience? Didn't read the book? No problem! The Rosh Chodesh Book Club is a wonderful opportunity to gather with other Jewish women and connect.
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What We're Talking About...

Mendel Kalmenson's book, "People of the Word"to gain insight into fifty key Jewish words that have been mistranslated and misunderstood for centuries. Join us to dive in and understand the big ideas that continue to shape Jewish thought, values, and culture to this day.

» What is Rosh Chodesh?
Rosh Chodesh is the Head of the Month and was the first Mitzvah connecting G-d and the Jewish People. The Jewish calendar is based on the cycle of the moon and each new month marks the birth of the new moon. The moon is queen in a darkened sky, supervising our hours of rejuvenation. As we prepare for morning’s rebirth, she tugs the tides to and fro and casts her soft glow. Her unique light is not entirely hers; she reflects the sun’s greater power. Yet her nascent crescent is heaven’s smile at mankind’s darkest hour.