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Rosh Chodesh Society?
Don't be scared off by the name, we're not an elite group, we're actually very down to earth and friendly! The Rosh Chodesh Society is actually a wonderful world-wide group that aims to transform the lives of Jewish women, their families, and their communities through the bonds of shared Jewish experience, specifically geared towards women. Want to learn more?
What We're Talking About...
Contrary to the idiom, “What you see is what you get,” our sight is superficial, taking in the exterior and leaving the interior undiscovered. With insight, however, we enter within and encounter a deeper, more truthful and divine reality begging to be embraced. This seven-part course explores the Rebbe’s broad view of the world at large, of our personal failures, of the feminine role, current trends and events, and more. We invite you on a journey in which wild jungles morph into beautiful gardens, dreadful weakness becomes cathartic strength, and blind adherents become conductors of insight….
Sight is seeing what is. IN SIGHT is seeing what could be.
» What is Rosh Chodesh?
Rosh Chodesh is the Head of the Month and was the first Mitzvah connecting G-d and the Jewish People. The Jewish calendar is based on the cycle of the moon and each new month marks the birth of the new moon. The moon is queen in a darkened sky, supervising our hours of rejuvenation. As we prepare for morning’s rebirth, she tugs the tides to and fro and casts her soft glow. Her unique light is not entirely hers; she reflects the sun’s greater power. Yet her nascent crescent is heaven’s smile at mankind’s darkest hour.