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The future of Judaism will always be dependent on the children. In fact, it was in their merit that the Jewish People received the Torah!

At CKids your child is given a solid foundation of  knowledge and love for Judaism, on which they can build a lifetime.

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What We Do
Offering Hands-On Judaism for Children in Grades K-6
Aleph Champ
Reading Karate Style

Modeled after Martial Arts colored levels, Aleph Champ makes Hebrew reading kid-friendly and exciting.

Experience Judaism
Weekly Adventure

Children from all walks of life explore Judaism in a hands-on meaningful and enjoyable way.

JUDAH Extreme
For 6th Graders

Thursday Afterschool program to discover the deeper meanings of Judaism through Art, Cooking, and Science!

Why CKids?

Now more then ever, we need to ensure that our children remain connected to their Jewish heritage in a meaningful ( and of course fun) way. 

Every experience a child has plays an important role in their development and success. At Chabad of Charlotte, we have an exciting program that does just that.

We call it CKids Jewish Adventurefor children in grades K-6. Imagine sending your child to a carnival every Sunday?

That's exactly what CKids is. Each Sunday, we engage your child in a new and meaningful Jewish theme that they will experience and remember. 

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Educate Your Child... Educate a Generation