The goal of the Bat Mitzvah lessons, led by Devorah Leah Gordon, is to impart to the girls a sense of themselves as emerging Jewish women and to implant in them a feeling of wonder and purpose of a Jewish life that is guided by Jewish teachings.


The lessons will include the following:


·        Exploring the maturing of the relationship with Hashem that comes after Bat Mitzvah


·        Accepting Hashem’s Bat Mitzvah present, the G‑dly soul, and understanding the function of the G‑dly soul and the natural soul


·        Learning about Jewish women throughout our history, then and now, and discovering each one’s role and importance in Jewish history


·        Developing the skill of thinking carefully before confronting a moral choice; striving to be a thinking Jew


·        Understanding Jewish modesty as a reflection from within and a definition of one’s personal boundaries


·        Conveying the importance of properly nurturing both body and soul and understanding that the health of the body and soul are connected


·        Understanding that honoring parents is an essential part of our connection to Hashem


·        Studying the laws and customs that are specifically for Jewish women, such as challah baking, candle lighting, and Rosh Chodesh.


Devorah Leah will assist each girl in the preparation of her Bat Mitzvah speech.  In addition, special hands-on lessons will include challah baking, candle lighting, and a visit to a senior citizens’ center to experience the mitzvah of chessed.