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Congregation Ohr HaTorah provides an authentic and spiritual Jewish experience. Ohr HaTorah is a warm and friendly place where we can explore our heritage and learn more about the joyous traditions that have defined our culture and identity as a people for over 3000 years.

Jews from all walks of life feel comfortable at our Shul. A spirit of joy and camaraderie fills the air as we gather to worship and enjoy weekly Shabbat Kiddushim, the luncheons that follow Shabbat morning services. The Friday night Shabbatons which are scheduled every two months, attract many new families and help people experience the Shabbat joy on a new level. Congregation Ohr HaTorah welcomes Jews from all backgrounds to participate at their own comfort level. In a non-judgmental way, the synagogue facilitates the spiritual growth of each individual.

The board of the synagogue, made up of members of varied Jewish backgrounds, has the goal of bringing to our Shul the best in the genuine Jewish experience. The amity of the Shul family is obvious as we share our ideas at our periodic breakfast planning meetings and participate in our many activities. Here all voices are heard, all ideas are honored, and everyone may participate in a significant way.

Congregation Ohr HaTorah is a full-service synagogue that offers twice-daily prayer services each weekday, along with Shabbat and holiday worship. Our Shul has a junior congregation, with Bar and Bat Mitzvah training provided by our rabbinical staff. The Shul also provides adult education through the thought provoking Jewish Learning Institute classes and Talmud Torah classes for students who wish traditional Jewish education but are not attending the Charlotte Jewish Day School.

Congregation Ohr HaTorah is a project of Lubavitch of North Carolina and thus is closely connected with other projects of Lubavitch. These include the Jewish Preschool on Sardis, Friendship Circle, and community wide holiday celebrations.

Our Vision

Ohr HaTorah has experienced growth. We would like to build an endowment fund so that our rabbis will not have to constantly struggle to find a way to keep the synagogue solvent. We believe that if community members recognize that Ohr HaTorah and Lubavitch of North Carolina are vital to Jewish life in Charlotte, they will include us in their bequests.

To make a Legacy gift to Congregation Ohr HaTorah, click here to view and print the commitment form. Then simply print the form, complete the form, and mail or bring to the shul, or mail to the address printed on the form. For more information, please contact Rabbi Shlomo Cohen at 704-366-3984
[email protected] .

To learn more about Charlotte's Community effort in Creating a Jewish Legacy for our future, visit:

To help us build our new synagogue facility , click here.

Congregation Ohr HaTorah would like to thank all of our great friends and supporters who have made Legacy Gifts to the Congregation! Thank you all so much for your kindness and for making such a strong commitment to the continuity of our Jewish community!



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