Alef Champ - Master Hebrew Reading Karate-Style! 


Aleph Champ is a Hebrew reading program for children, using colored levels like Karate belts. Kids start as "white Aleph Champs" and progress through levels at their own pace. Each level has a color-coded book, flashcards, workbook, and a medal as a visual boost of accomplishment. Students advance based on ability, not age, allowing them to surpass their class and become fluent readers. The program ensures mastery before moving to the next level, making it exciting and motivating for children.

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Hands-On Learning



At CKids Hebrew School, we believe in the transformative power of experiential learning. Our curriculum goes beyond traditional methods to provide immersive experiences that bring Judaism to life. Through dynamic holiday celebrations, captivating storytelling, and creative art projects, students actively engage with the richness of Jewish traditions. Our dedicated teachers foster a profound connection to Jewish identity as children participate and experience the beauty and depth of Jewish culture through interactive learning opportunities.


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Immersive Holiday Experiences 



Experience the magic of Jewish holidays like never before at CKids Hebrew School. Step into our Sukkot Time Machine, where children build sukkahs and discover the customs of Sukkot. Indulge in a rejuvenating Tu Bishvat Spa and unleash your competitive spirit in our Passover World Records Competition. With immersive and hands-on activities, every holiday becomes a vibrant adventure, creating a lasting connection to Jewish heritage.