Bar Mitzvah Club is a unique program for 6th grade boys.

The program’s goal is simple: to bring boys approaching their Bar Mitzvah year together for fun, friendship and informal learning about Jewish traditions and Mitzvahs. The club meets monthly at different hosts with interesting workshops and crafts. Register Here

Upcoming Events 2018/2019

September 27
Sumo Wrestling + Sukkah Party!

October 15
Accient Jewish Writing + Capture theFlag

November 17
Bonfire Havdalah and story. Motzei Shabbos - Saturday Night. 7-8pm 

 December 8
Spread the light of Chanukah to others - Care Packages for the homeless

January 14
Everything about the Teffilin" (meaning of it and hands on training) Activity - Drum Circle. 5:30-7pm      

February 23
Meet at ice skating rink for an AWESOME trip. Lesson: Keeping warm physically and spiritually :)

March 18
A chance to give back!" Hamentashen for JFS.

April 15
Escape from Egypt - Escape Room!

May 9
"Bar Mitzvah Ceremony", step by step tutorial. Activity: Sports game, Rabbis vs boys.