Shana Tovah to all our members and friends of Ohr HaTorah Chabad.

We are very pleased to be reconnecting with our community after a long couple of years! The attendance of Rosh Hashanah services at Chabad/Ohr HaTorah was amazing, and an indicator of things to come.  Baruch Hashem!

This year of 5783,  is referred to as a Hakhel (Gathering) year, as it comes right after the Sabbatical year observed in Israel. In Temple times it was a mitzvah for every Jewish man, woman and child to assemble at the Beit Hamikdash, Holy Temple, to hear the King of Israel read a special portion of the Torah during the Sukkot holiday. Thus Hakhel came to symbolize and mandate community assembly.

In this Hakhel year we are making a special effort to increase gatherings for our shul and our community. We are planning many opportunities for communal in-person gatherings throughout this year.

To inaugurate this Hakhel year, we are planning to build a beautiful enlarged Sukkah to allow many more to join us for all kinds of Kiddush and sukkah events for the upcoming Sukkot holiday!  

We invite you to be part of this exciting mitzvah. You can do so by supporting this special inaugural Hakhel Sukkah. Please click here to see the sponsorship opportunities available to allow us to make this spectacular sukkah that we can continue to enjoy  for years to come!