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Sukkot Service Schedule

 Sukkot: September 23-30, 2018 • Simchat Torah: October 1-2, 2018

Sukkot Holiday candle lighting: Sunday at 7:00 pm. Monday at 7:54 pm.
Evening services at 7:00 - Morning services at 10:00.

           Chabad of Charlotte wishes you a happy and joyous Sukkot!

Support Chabad Hurricane Relief Campaign

B"H, Chabad Charlotte has arranged for a military air transport of needed food for Wilmington's Jewish community, donate link to support the effort with your generous donation by clicking here, thank you!

Order your Lulav and Etrog- deadline this Friday!

 Click here to order today, by Friday the 14th!!

Building Pledges reach $4,025,000!

Chabad of Charlotte launched new name for the building campaign at the groundbreaking:  "Build our Future"

New total pledged .............. $4,025,000!

Huge thanks to Bobby and Stacey Selkin for dedicating the
Selkin Friendship Circle Youth Center!!

Thank you very much to all those listed below who have already donated or pledged to the new building campaign! We invite everyone to join in the effort. With your help we will be able to build our new Chabad Center for everyone to enjoy! The new facilities will be home to the sanctuary and social hall for Ohr HaTorah, Auditorium for JPS, Gourmet Kitchen and much more. Youth Building will house Friendship Circle, Teen Zone, Classrooms for Talmud Torah and more!  Please visit to see the visuals. There are many sponsorship opportunities available. Feel free to talk to one of the rabbis or anyone on the building committee to discuss how you can help!

Building Campaign Donors


Chris Epstein


Howard and Julie Levine


BECO South
Bobby and Stacey Selkin


David and Aleen Epstein

Sergio Kielmanowicz & Adriana Reifman

Larry Schwartz


Alan and Madeline Aron

Harry and Felicity Berzack

Tzvi and Lauren Nussbaum

Richard Osborne

Michael and Dena Raffler 

Paul Wojonowich OBM


Dave and Janice Cantor

Steve and Ellen Engelhardt 

Jeff and Bari Gorelick
Scott and Dana Gorelick
Yisrael Ori and P’ninah Miriam (Gorelick) Gimbel

Richard and Paula Klein

Barry and Lorrie Klemons

Jaime and Elise Kosofsky

Eric and Judy Laxer

Matt Luftglass and Meg Goldstein

Arthur and Nadine Oudmayer

Gedahlia and Leah Portnoy

Brad and Carrie Rabinowitz

Edwin and Leslie Rusgo

Selwyn and Cheryl Spangenthal

Jonathan and Richard Zulman Families


Rick Abrams

Ben and Susan Aizenman

Jon and Tess Berger

Barry Brodsky

Chaim and Chana Burke

Harlan Brendel

Ivan and Roz Cooper

Gary and Randy Defilipp

Jeff Epstein

Chuck and Dayle Glick

Guadarrama and Obando Families

Ismailov Family

Dave and Cheryl Gerrard

Jerry and Barbara Levin

Jon and Dina Massachi

Gale Osborne

Lee and Irena Rimler

Michael and Heidi Rotberg

Paul Rubenstein

Fred and Lisa Shporer

Eric, Lori and Mason Sklut

Yaakov Stern

Alan and Denise Sussman

Maor Waizman and Arthur Wimpfheimer 

Owners of On Trac Garage Doors


Itai and Dorit Cohen

Melvin and Caren Frank

Andrea and David Gamlin

Asher Goldstein

Laurie Good

Phil and Diane Nordan

Dovid Richt

Ilya and Chantal Rubin

Phillip and Lauren Stark 

Yitzchak Stein

Mike and Andie Taylor

Maor and Ruth Waizman

Brad Wolf and Lauren Pepper


Steve Azizo

Kevin and Laurie Berzack

William and Corrine Bockeneck

David and Bonnie Bornstein

Michael Coers

Aharon and Mintza Leah Cohen

Brian and Sonia Cohen

David and Donna DeGroot

Levi Defilipp

Samuel Defilipp

Zack and Rachel DeFilipp

Richard and Rachel Diamant

Colby Foster

Douglas and Paula Gentile

Jeffrey and Marcia Gleiberman

Marty and Gwen Kestin

Noach and Rivkah Krumholtz

Ken Orenbach

Brandy Paul

Sasha and Timna Pearlman

Edward and Debra Pizer

Sarah Rochel Rosenberg

Geri Rosman

Stephen and Allison Schlussel

Benjamin & Ashley Schwartz

Larry and Stephanie Seitlin 

Alexander Shporer

Morris and Linda Spil

Robert M. Stein

Telware Corporation

David and Debra Van Glish

Lynda White


Bob and Ann Abel

Mark and Dawn Albin

Bernie and Leah Amler

David Antopolsky

Tamir and Shira Rivka Avraham

Barman Family

Jacob and Naomi Bar-Tal

Limor Beeri

Larry and Rachel Berendt

Irving and Lilian Bienstock

Greg and Toni Bloom

Ellen Bottner

Ephraim Buchler

Norma Christian

Jeffrey Cohen

David Curson

Chris and Gila Decker

David and Donna deGroot

Larry Deutsch

Richard and Rachel Diamant

Stanley and Yaffa Dratman

Ellen Dubin OBM

Tziona Edwards

Frannie Ein

Mike and Caren Eisner

Leonard Farber

Mark Fefer

Gloria Feibus

Bert Fleishman

Martin and Lynn Freed

Rachel Friedman

Shirley Fytelson

Jay and Robin Garbus

Tova Gelper

Tomas and Inbal Gercsak

Kenneth and Beverly Gibbs

Julius Giglio

Sandra Ginsburg

Zalmy and Sheina Goldberg

Yaron and Sandra Goldman

Phyllis Goldstein

Benjamin Goodman

Avrohom and Devorah Leah Gordon

Sheina Gordon

Motti and Esty Groner

Andrew and Debby Hall

Bertram and Betty Hamilton

James and Deborah Hamilton

Ken and Lessa Helfing

Matt and Jane Herson

Elan and Yelena Hertzberg

Steven and Jennifer Hoagland

Mike Klein

Darrell and Ariana Klotz

Edward Kovel

Alvin and Jaime Kreitman

Marc and Laura Lewin

Burton and Nancy Lieberman

Penny Lipsitz

Joshua Listhaus

Audrey Madans

Leonard and Judy Marco

Jeffrey and Barbara Margolis

Larry and Sarah Malka Margolis

Sheldon and Paula Markofsky

Irena and Michael Meerovich

Edward and Julienne Mesrobian

Burton and Nesha Miller

David and Risa Miller

Luke and Eleonor Miller

Mikhael and Alla Mogilevsky

Alan Moldof 

Michael and Jody Molinari

Albert and Inna Manoim

Youssef and Helen Moshfegh

Mayer Naiman

Gloria Nicolosi

Aharon Chaim and Pessy Notik

Rafi and Ora Ortiz

Jason and Casey Pressberg

Susan Proctor

Henry and Susan Rabinovich

Solomon Rabinovitz

Martin and Bernice Rich

Thomas and Zahava Rosenberg

Harold and Cynthia Turtletaub

Fern Sanderson

Carlos Santiago

Edmond Sardar

Sharyn Sharer

Sholom and Batsheva Shemtov

David Siegel

Harriett Silver

Julius and Ruth Silverman

Gary and Maxine Silverstein

Cecelia Spangenthal

Susan Stafford

Robert Stoll

Jamie Straz

Marina Svecharnik

Nancy Tarbis

Adam Taxin

Harvey Tilles

Demir Turan

Robert and Dorothy Tyson

Shimon and Sahawi Vorst

Kathleena Warren 

Dael and Brenda Waxman

Len and Amy Weinstein

Binyomin and Channie Weiss

Garen and Ann Wickham

Aaron & Suzanne Woland

Bernie and Laura Wolfberg

Levi and Bracha Yurkowicz



Thank you again for everyone who has already committed! Please visit to see some of the visuals, many sponsorship opportunities , and talk to one of the rabbis or anyone on the building committee to discuss how you can help! 

Snoezelen Room Dedicated

Huge thanks to Dave and Janice Cantor for dedicating the Snoezelen Room in loving memory of Jeremy Alpern!

Note: Snoezelen or controlled multisensory environment (MSE) is a therapy for people with autism and other developmental disabilities. It consists of placing the person in a soothing and stimulating environment, called the "Snoezelen Room".

Thanks to all of our Legacy Donors!

Congregation Ohr HaTorah would like to thank all of our great friends and supporters who have made Legacy Gifts to the Congregation! Thank you all so much for your kindness and for making such a strong commitment to the continuity of our Jewish community!


Anonymous (10)       

Benjamin and Susan Aizenman         

Yvonne Amato

Bernard and Leah G. Amler    

Alan and Madeline Aron

Robert and Nancy Berman       

David and Bonnie Bornstein

Barry Brodsky

David and Janice Cantor

Suly and Richard Chenkin       

Brian and Sonia Cohen  

Ellen Block Engelhardt  

Aleen and David Epstein

Leah Gelber    

Goodlyn Gelper

Meg Goldstein and Matt Luftglass 

Hanah Hawkins        

Ronald and Mary Kantor

Richard and Paula Klein  

Barry and Lorrie Klemons        

Elise and Jaime Kosofsky        

Judy and Eric Laxer         

Eric and Susan Lerner    

Barbara and Jerry Levin

Elissa and Joshua Levine        

Jennifer Monroe      

Eva Nove         

Gale Osborne

Arthur and Nadine Oudmayer 

Debora and Ed Pizer       

Dena and Michael Raffler

Lisa and Fred Shporer

Sheldon and Randy Sperling             

Philip and Lauren Stark   

Mike  and Andie Taylor

Harold and Cynthis Turtletaub         

David and Debra Van Glish

Judie and Michael Van Glish   

Maor and Amy Waizman

Women's Mikvah - Schedule a Tour

Ladies- For more information about how to utilize our beautiful new Mikvah Mei Leah and for a private tour, please call 704-366-3984 or email 

Missed Jerusalem Uncovered? Purchase the recording!

We are pleased to make the audio recording of "Jerusalem Uncovered" by Rabbi Avrohom Stolik available to purchase for $10. This will come in the form of a link emailed to you that can be listened to on your computer or smart phone. If you would like the cd's mailed to you, their will be a charge of $15. Click here to order either version.

New Parking Rules at Ohr HaTorah

Please be advised effective immediately, that every day after 5:00 p.m. no cars or foot traffic will be permitted behind the Ohr HaTorah building, all parking will be in the main parking lot only, excluding those accessing the Mikvah.

Chabad Chanukah Events!!

Sunday, December 6
Join us at Southpark Mall - 5:00 pm for a Community Chanukah celebration complete with a Giant Menorah Lighting, Music, Donuts, Children's activities and more!

Wednesday, December 9
Uptown Menorah Lighting at Polk Park, Corner of Trade and Tryon. Join us in the heart of Uptown Charlotte at 5:00 pm for a Giant Menorah Lighting, refreshments and Chanukah Music!

November 20 Shabbaton

Join us this month for a Shabbaton Dinner. Early enough to bring the kids, join together for a special Shabbat, delicious food, great company and an uplifting experience. Reserve ASAP while space lasts- $25 single, $65family, to reserve: click here!

Hebrew Course for Adults Thursdays!

Ohr HaTorah to Offer Two Year Hebrew Course

Congregation Ohr HaTorah will begin offering this fall a two-year beginning and intermediate course in Hebrew for adults. The instructor will be Dr. Jeffrey Poelvoorde, a professor of Political Science at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, who has been a member of Ohr HaTorah since 2001. Dr. Poelvoorde has taught Hebrew at every level, from grade-school to university level and has tutored over fifty-one Bar and Bat Mitzvah students.   The course will be aimed at two kinds of students: those who wish to improve their grammatical foundations and reading ability in Hebrew for the purpose of increasing their grasp of the Torah, Siddur and classical sources of the Jewish Tradition, and those who wish to improve their speaking ability in conversation Modern Israeli Hebrew.

            The course will be taught on Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at Congregation Ohr HaTorah, 6619 Sardis Rd., beginning on Thursday, October 29. Special features of the course are audio materials for conversational practice and for practice learning the proper pronunciation and grammar of almost all the major prayers in the traditional Siddur. The main textbook will be “HaYesod,” by Uveeler/Bronznick, 8th Edition, published by Feldheim Publishers. Tuition is $175 per year or $36 per month. To pay online, click here. For more information, please contact Rabbi Cohen at Ohr HaTorah, 704-366-3984, or email

Donate a car to Chabad/Ohr HaTorah!

Many thanks to the Gabrielli family for donating their Chevrolet Impala to Chabad of Charlotte! It has already been sold to members of our community, so it was a win-win for everyone! If you have a used car, we will gladly accept your gift, you will get a tax deduction, and all the proceeds will help our community. Please contact Rabbi Shlomo Cohen for more information at

Thank you Legacy Donors!!

Lubavitch of NC and Congregation Ohr HaTorah extend many thanks to Leah Gelber, Judie and Michael Van Glish, Elissa and Joshua Levine, as well as Meg Goldstein and Matt Luftglass, some of our most recent Legacy donors! Thanks so much, we are so appreciative and extremely grateful for your kindness and generosity!

A huge thank you to all of our legacy donors:

Anonymous (10)


Benjamin and Susan Aizenman


Yvonne Amato


Bernard and Leah G. Amler


Alan and Madeline Aron


Robert Berman


David and Bonnie Bornstein 
David and Janice Cantor


Suly and Richard Chenkin


Brian and Sonia Cohen


Ellen Block Engelhardt


Aleen and David Epstein 
Leah Gelber


Goodlyn Gelper 
Meg Goldstein and Matt Luftglass


Hanah Hawkins


Ronald and Mary Kantor 
Richard and Paula Klein


Barry and Lorrie Klemons


Elise and Jaime Kosofsky


Judy and Eric Laxer


Eric Lerner


Barbara and Jerry Levin 
Elissa and Joshua Levine


Jennifer Monroe


Eva Nove


Gale Osborne


Debora and Ed Pizer


Dena and Michael Raffler



Sheldon and Randy Sperling



Philip and Lauren Stark



David and Debra Van Glish 
Judie and Michael Van Glish


Maor and Amy Waizman


Order Book and Audio from JLI War on Terror Course!

The class may be over, but the War on Terror continues...

Over 40 attended Rabbi Yossi Groner's 2 classes. If you would like to hear what Judaism, the Talmud and Jewish Law has to say about negotiating with Terrorists, you still can! If you'd like to hear the most dynamic speaker in Charlotte explain the Talmudic position on whether it is legal to torture suspects with information on Ticking Time Bombs and Terror acts, its not too late!

The audio from both classes were recorded. Textbooks are still available. If you would like a copy of the audio emailed to you and a text book shipped to your home, the cost is only $36. For the audio alone, the cost is $25.

Two classes, 3 hours of fascinating lectures on one of the most relevant topics in today's times can be accessed in the convenience of your own home!

To order, click here to make your payment at , or for more information.

Rabbi Shlomo Cohen

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