Chabad Wish List

Have one of these items to spare? If yes, please contact us and help us continue serving the community! 

General Items:

1. Computers

Our Chabad office is in need of 3 computers. New or used. Your donation of a computer will help us work more efficiently. Please contact Brenda Waxman at [email protected] to learn more about our computer needs.  


2. Office Desk

An office desk, new or used, with basic office functionality and ample storage space would be a great help to one of our staff members. 


3. Camera 

Did you know that Chabad reaches over 1700 people via email and social media? Help us share our community events by providing us with a camera able to capture these moments as fast as they unfold, without compromising on quality!


4. Projector

On average, four classes a week are held at the Chabad Center. Each class is high-tech with videos and presentations. Our current projector is old and needs to be replaced. Help us continue providing high-tech educational classes. 

5. Pre-Owned Car 

The Chabad House is in need of a car for use by our staff. Having sufficient cars for our staff members will save us from spending time doing pick-ups and drop-offs in cars that are currently shared.

If you can help us with one of these items, please contact Rabbi Cohen or Debra Adams at 704 366 3984 or [email protected] 

Thank you so much for your generous support!