A Timeline

Lubavitch of North Carolina is established with the blessing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Rabbi Yossi and Mariashi Groner begin outreach initiatives including adult education, children’s programs and holiday programs.

Traditional Shabbat services are introduced at Lubavitch to accommodate those people seeking a closer relationship with their Jewish heritage. A mikvah for women is constructed.

A new Jewish day camp, Camp Gan Israel, begins in Charlotte. Holiday brochures are distributed 5 times a year to more than 7,000 Jewish households in the Carolinas.

Lubavitch Talmud Torah begins meeting twice a week with the aim of giving Jewish public school students a comprehensive Jewish education.

The Book of the Tanya is printed locally according to the instructions of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

The Lubavitch preschool begins. It will eventually grow to accommodate over 140 children.

Lubavitch welcomes Rabbi Binyomin and Channie Weiss to the staff. Lubavitch moves into new quarters in the Chabad House at Shalom Park.

Chabad Lubavitch centers open in Myrtle Beach and Columbia, South Carolina. Rabbi Doron and Leah Aizenman quickly establish a successful day school.
Under the direction of Rabbi Heshy and Chavie Epstein, Chabad of Columbia becomes a revitalizing force for advanced Jewish education for adults and youth.

The Jewish Day School of Charlotte begins and over time establishes a tradition of outstanding accomplishments in Jewish education.

A new center opens in Raleigh with the acqusition of Congregation Sharei Israel Lubavitch. Rabbi Pinchas and Helena Herman attract a large following and revitalize jewish life in the community with a variety of innovative Jewish programs.

New classroom buildings are added to accommodate a growing student population.

A beautiful 4.5 acre site is purchased on Sardis Road by Lubavitch. The renovated facilities on the property become the new home for the Lubavitch preschool. This site will become the Carolina headquarters of Lubavitch.

The foundation is laid for the future Lubavitch Educational Center campus.

Fern Sanderson is appointed director of the Jewish Preschool on Sardis.  Under Fern’s leadership, the school blossoms and becomes the first choice for Jewish parents. The school’s excellent reputation leads to maximum enrollment with a long waiting list forfuture students.

The passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe causes a great sadness to fall on the worldwide Jewish community. The Lubavitch movement resolves to eternalize the Rebbe’s memory by increasing the activities the Rebbe promoted which have increased Jewish awareness worldwide. New initiatives are undertaken to spread the knowledge about Moshiach and his imminent arrival.

The Jewish Day School of Charlotte continues to grow. The arrival of Rabbi Shlomo and Yiska Cohen brings additional Judaic scholarship and teaching to the Charlotte Jewishcommunity.

A daily morning minyan is established at Lubavitch.  Worshippers begin services at dawn. This morning communal prayer is a vital ingredient in the daily life of Judaism.

The day school and preschool continue to expand. A new building with two large classrooms is added to the Sardis campus. The project is funded through the generosity of the school parents.

Lubavitch helps found a new middle school with the graduating class of the day school. Rabbi Avrohom and Devorah Leah Gordon join the staff in Charlotte to accommodate the growing need for qualified teachers and instructors at the school. A new Chabad House is established in Chapel Hill to serve the needs of Jewish students at UNC and Duke University. Eventually this Chabad House is staffed by Rabbi Zalman and Yehudis Bluming.

Women of Worth is formally created as a women’s group with educational and social programs for women only. The Bat Mitzvah Club launches a chapter in Charlotte for Jewish girls approaching Bat Mitzvah. This club enables the girls to gain appreciation for their new role as young Jewish women through exciting social and community activities.

With a growing number of participants, Lubavitch of NC formalizes its synagogue with a board, membership, and full services. The synagogue is named Congregation Ohr HaTorah. By year’s end, a brand new Lubavitch Educational Center facility is completed. This facility houses the Jewish Preschool on Sardis and Congregation Ohr HaTorah. A Grand Opening Celebration is held at the new building during Sukkot of 2000. Ohr HaTorah begins to conduct prayer services 3 times a day.

Lubavitch of NC and Congregation Ohr HaTorah launch a successful series of Shabbatons, drawing over 125 participants to each Shabbaton. This series continues until today as a way for members and friends to celebrate Shabbat evening together at Congregation Ohr HaTorah. The Southeastern Chabad Rabbi’s Conference is held in Charlotte with over 40 rabbis in attendance.

The Jewish Learning Institute, a worldwide adult education network run by Lubavitch opens a chapter in Charlotte. The JLI brings authentic, relevant Jewish learning to adults seeking intellectual and spiritual growth. JLI courses touch the soul and bring a new depth of understanding to their students. Lubavitch of NC establishes its own website as www.ohrhatorahnc.org.

In a time when many Jewish organizations cancel their Israel missions due to concern of terror attacks,  Lubavitch shows its support with the first of many successful missions to Israel.  NBC Channel Six creates a weekly series of reports about the amazing mission. In light of 9/11 and other world events, Lubavitch completes the writing of a new Torah for the community and dedicates "A Sefer Torah for a Safer World". The Torah is ushered into the Lubavitch Educational Center with a huge celebration.

A giant Lego Menorah is built by hundreds of children in the prestigious South Park Mall. The mall requests that the Menorah remain in place for the entire Chanukah. Under the Kosher supervision of Lubavitch of NC, Kosher Dining Night Out is launched at the Westin Charlotte. JLI classes are offered in Asheville followed by Greensboro. Rabbi Adam and Chanie Goodfriend establish Chabad of the Upstate in Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The Jewish Preschool on Sardis achieves a five-star rating by the state of North Carolina. Enrollment continues to increase. Chanukah is celebrated like never before when a 40-car Menorah parade travels from Lubavitch Educational Center to Uptown Charlotte, then back to SouthPark. This unprecedented event is covered by local media and is very well received by the Charlotte community.

In the summer of 2006,
 The growing Jewish community in Asheville, NC is enriched bythe establishment of Chabad of Asheville by Rabbi Shaya and Channie Susskind.